Get Ready for Louisville “Derby City” NGAUS Conference

Please download form, fill out and return with payment to Augie Grace, 3 Arbor Court, Burlington, MA 01803

2017 NGAUS Registration Form

Interested in attending the NGAUS Conference as a Delegate or Company Grade Professional Development candidate, please take note of the following:

NGAMA’s Incoming President Lt Col Jay Oberton and Executive Director Augie Grace wanted to communicate some of this information to you and encourage you to attend this great event. The 139th General Conference will be held 7-10 September 2017 at the Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY.

  • What you can expect in Louisville- Louisville is the home of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum. Basketball legend Magic Johnson once referred to the two-week Kentucky Derby Festival as “the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras rolled into one.” The Kentucky National Guard Association hopes to give you that Derby feeling during our stay. Louisville is also the home of bourbon. Many distilleries are in downtown Louisville along Whiskey Row. The city’s Urban Bourbon Experience is a world-class culinary scene. It is also the home of the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Museum and Factory. Four Street Live is an epicenter of nightclubs and restaurants. The Muhammed Ali Center honors Ali’s, who was born in Louisville, life and legacy. Nearby are the United Stated Bullion Depository and the Patten Museum at Fort Knox, and the Kentucky “Bourbon Trail”.
  • The Schedule of Activities– The Governor’s Reception will be held at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Association is trying to schedule a couple of live races to give us a true Churchill Downs experience. The Fun Run will be at Waterfront Park, along the Ohio River. Hospitality Night and the Company Grade and Warrant Officer Mixer will be at Four Street Live. The States Dinner will feature “Derby Attire” and will be at the Kentucky Expo Center. Of course, the traditional NGAUS Conference events including the Business Sessions, the Army/Air Separate Sessions, Elections, Resolutions, Task Force meetings and Industry Exhibitions will be held.
  • New England Hospitality Night- Once again all the New England States have agreed to host the New England Hospitality Night. We have already made arrangement to host New England Night at the Louisville Howl At The Moon. Those who attended the 2016 Baltimore NGAUS Conference remember that New England Night at the Baltimore Howl At the Moon was one of the highlights of the Conference. We intend to again make it another great event.
  • Hotel-The Massachusetts Delegation will be staying at the Downtown Marriott Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel located a block from the heart of the city. Hotel rooms will be $131.00 plus taxes per night. NGAMA has 28 hotel rooms We expect to use all 28 rooms so please send in your room deposits by 30 June.
  • Bring Your Spouse/Significant Other– We would encourage you to bring your significant other and make the NGAUS Conference a vacation getaway. Downtown Louisville will offer you plenty to see and do. Catch the whole atmosphere of attending the Kentucky Derby by participating in the many Derby themed events.
  • Louisville 2017 and Boston 2020– As we begin our preparation for hosting our Boston 2020 NGAUS Conference, we need to be mindful that it will be “our turn” in just three short years. NGAMA needs to have experienced Committee Chairmen and volunteers to host a successful NGAUS Conference. We would encourage as many NGAMA members, especially junior officers to attend these NGAUS Conferences, so they will be clear concerning the expectations of hosting a NGAUS Conference. There is an opportunity for junior officers to attend a NGAUS Conference while on orders. Please refer to the information listed on the Professional Development bulletin.
  • Conference and Hotel Registrations– The Executive Director Augie Grace will be making all the Conference and Hotel reservations. At the March 4th NGAMA State Conference, Delegate Request forms were made available. The Delegate Request forms will also be available at the NGAMA web site. All attending the NGAUS Conference must submit a $100 hotel deposit with their Conference registration. NGAMA pays the $165.00 Conference registration fee for those selected as delegates or selected to participate in Officer Professional Development. We ask that you submit your reservation by 30 June.
  • Company Grade Professional Development Opportunities– Like the last few years we again expect that NGB will make available Professional Development funds for this Louisville Conference. Company Grade Officers, WO1’s and CW2’s will be permitted to attend the NGAUS Conference on orders with all their expenses paid. If these funds become available, interested parties must apply and be selected. Any interested Officers must submit a registration form by 30 June. Please pass this information on to your junior officers.
  • Additional Information/Questions- If you have any additional questions or need information regarding the Louisville NGAUS Conference please contact Executive Director Augie Grace at or at 781-799-7299.