NGAMA Continues State Legislative Successes

Plans for the 2019-2020 Session


Thanks to the involvement and participation of our members NGAMA has been very successful in achieving legislative victories in 2019.

On January 1, 2019 the Massachusetts State Legislature passed an update to Chapter 33 of the Massachusetts General Laws. These changes, which were supported by members of NGAMA calling and writing their legislators, included several changes focused on improving the Massachusetts National Guard and taking care of our Service Members. One of the significant changes was the doubling of the State Active Duty pay minimum for Soldiers and Airmen.

During the Summer, the Massachusetts State Legislature passed the State’s Fiscal Year budget, which included state funding of at least $125,000 for NGAMA to assist with hosting the 2020 NGAUS Conference in Boston.

The NGAMA Executive Committee and Legislative Committee are currently working on the 2019 and 2020 Legislative Agenda. Currently NGAMA is working on two priorities:

  • A retention program that would enable Guard members to earn college educational benefits for their spouse and/or children
  • Legislation to further strengthen NGAMA’s State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI) Program.

The Executive Committee and the Legislative Committee are always seeking suggestions for legislative priorities. If you have a suggestion that would benefit the men and women of the Massachusetts National Guard, please contact the NGAMA Executive Committee or write to

New NGAUS / NGAMA Dues Rates


During the 2019 Conference in Denver NGAUS members overwhelmingly voted to streamline the Active Annual dues structure. In the past, dues rates were based on officer pay grades, meaning there were 15 separate dues levels. The change reduces these to the three categories listed below. The vote was significant because NGAUS has not altered the dues structure in many years. Many officers will see an overall reduction in dues paid. The new dues rates are effective October 1, 2019 for the 2020 membership year.

  • O1, O2, O3, W1, W2, W3 – $40
  • O4, O5, O6, W4, W5 – $80
  • All General Officers – $130

The NGAMA Executive Committee recently voted to revise the state dues structure to align with national-level changes. The new NGAMA dues structure is below:

  • O1, O2, O3, W1, W2, W3 – $15
  • O4, O5, O6, W4, W5 – $25
  • All General Officers – $45

A few things to keep in mind:

– Newly commissioned officers and warrant officers are eligible for complimentary memberships for the year of commissioning plus 12 months.

Ex: A new Second Lieutenant who commissions 15 June 2019 would receive a complimentary NGAUS/NGAMA membership until 31 December 2020.

– NGAMA Active Life and Retired Life membership rates remain unchanged.

– In 2018, the NGAMA Executive Committee voted to add a NGAMA Active Life Membership product for $250. The total cost for an Active Life membership is $1250 (or four installments of $312.50 paid within two years).


CLICK HERE to Pay your 2020 Dues


The table below compares the old and new annual dues rates:


Grade Old NGAUS Dues Old NGAMA Dues Old Total Dues New NGAUS Dues New NGAMA Dues New Total Dues
O1* $30 $5 $35 $40 $15 $55
O2 $45 $10 $55 $40 $15 $55
O3 $59 $15 $74 $40 $15 $55
O4 $72 $20 $92 $80 $25 $105
O5 $85 $25 $110 $80 $25 $105
O6 $108 $30 $138 $80 $25 $105
O7 $123 $35 $158 $130 $45 $175
O8 $139 $40 $179 $130 $45 $175
O9 $153 $45 $198 $130 $45 $175
O10 $168 $50 $218 $130 $45 $175
W1* $26 $5 $31 $40 $15 $55
W2 $35 $10 $45 $40 $15 $55
W3 $46 $15 $61 $40 $15 $55
W4 $59 $20 $79 $80 $25 $105
W5 $73 $25 $98 $80 $25 $105


*Eligible for complimentary membership


NGAMA Wins Bid To Host NGAUS 2020 Conference

NGAMA recently won a competitive selection process with several other states to host the NGAUS General Conference and Exhibition scheduled for 2020. For the last six months many NGAMA members have been working on creating and contributing to the NGAMA Boston 2020 proposal. On November 14th, NGAMA representatives led by Association President MAJ Nick Macsata presented the proposal to the NGAUS Committee on the General Conference. The Committee on the General Conference voted to recommend to the NGAUS Board of Directors to award the bid to NGAMA’s Boston 2020 team. The next day the NGAUS Board of Directors approved the Committee’s recommendation. The NGAUS Board of Directors also awarded the 2019 Conference to Denver, Colorado.

Boston had not hosted a NGAUS Conference since 1994. The Boston 2020 team was made up of NGAMA members as well as a representative of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). The Boston 2020 team proposed a Conference to be held August 28-August 31, 2020. The Business meetings would be held at the BCEC. Other events would be held at Fenway Park, the Seaport World Trade Center, the Harpoon Brewery and the John F Kennedy Presidential Library. A Fun Run would be held around Castle Island and Fort Independence and the NGAUS Golf Tournament would be held at the International Golf Course. Religious services would be held at the Old North Church.

The Boston 2020 proposal also included several innovative ideas. The Boston proposal was presented as a New England regional proposal. This proposal included letters of support from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It also included several partnerships with colleges and universities including Harvard, Emerson and the Berklee College of Music.

The NGAMA proposal also included letters of support from Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. It is estimated that the NGAUS Conference brings to the host city between $7-10 million. The proposal was strengthen by the fact that so much new development, including hotels is planned for the Boston Seaport District. It is estimated that by 2020, NGAMA will be able to house approximately 80% of the Conference attendees within walking distance of the BCEC. The NGAUS Conference draws the top military leaders in the country, Congressional leaders as well as the largest military trade show. Typically 4,000 people attend the NGAUS Conference.

NGAMA now plans on forming a Boston 2020 Committee to lead the planning efforts for this task. The Committee will have various subcommittees including an Event Committee, a Fundraising Committee, and a Communications Committee. Any NGAMA members interested in serving on these NGAUS Conference Committees should email us at