NGAMA Committees

Standing Committees

Standing committees conduct Association business in the areas listed below. All members in good standing are encouraged to volunteer for committee participation. Unless otherwise stated in the bylaws, each committee will have a minimum of three members and, whenever possible, will have at least two Army and one Air member. All standing committees will report to the Executive Committee at least twice per year on their activities.


The Resolutions Committee considers all resolutions submitted to The Association and will provide its recommendations at the State Conference. The Resolutions Committee will also represent The Association at the NGAUS General Conference.

Ryan Peterson
[email protected]


The Marketing Committee is responsible for establishing and carrying out the annual marketing plan of The Association with the goal of maximizing individual and corporate membership. Committee duties include identifying new members and corporate sponsors; analyzing member feedback to tailor marketing messages; preparing an annual operating budget for marketing activities; and developing the market strategy for external communications through multiple media formats.

The Committee is a volunteer group with no maximum size; however, wide participation from the unit level is strongly encouraged. The Committee may designate procedural rules for the accomplishment of their meetings as they deem fit, but shall report the results of their meetings through the Marketing Director to the Executive Committee quarterly.

Josh Romano (Director)
[email protected]


The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing The Association bylaws and any proposed amendments. The Committee will provide its recommendations to the President.

The Association bylaws are posted here.

Chair:  Vacant


The Nominating Committee reviews nominations for officers of The Association and provides its recommendations at the Annual Conference so that members may conduct a vote.

Chair:  Vacant


The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and submitting the Annual Budget, and for the orderly and efficient administrative operation of the insurance program or any other revenue-producing program for The Association.

Chair: Vacant


The Legislative Committee proposes and supports legislation favorable to the National Guard. The Committee provides legislative information to the Executive Committee and maintains legislative and executive branch contacts at both the state and federal levels.

Amanda Tefft (Chair)
[email protected]


The Scholarship Committee screens, evaluates, and selects individuals who demonstrate the highest level of scholarship and citizenship in their applications. At the conclusion of the current year’s scholarship competition, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate the program and make recommendations to the Finance and Executive Committees as to the number, amount, and distribution of the following year’s scholarships.

Garrett Titmas (Chair)
[email protected]

Ad Hoc and Special Committees

Various ad hoc and special committees have been established, as listed below. The President may establish and appoint members and officers of ad hoc, or special, committees, as necessary. Such appointments will be approved by the Executive Committee. Examples of ad hoc or special committees include groups established for a limited purpose, such as planning and executing a major fundraising event.


The mission of the membership committee is to increase and maintain membership in the National Guard Association of Massachusetts and the National Guard Association of the United States. Coordinate with the Marketing Director to provide information to members and potential members. The membership committee will report to the executive Committee quarterly as to current membership status in each association. It will also provide an annual report as to membership status at the NGAMA annual conference. This Committee will meet three times a year at scheduled Executive Committee meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary to produce membership reports.

Landon Mavrelis (Chair)
[email protected]


This Committee will help coordinate and execute the state conference in all aspects, Call to Conference, Friday night activity, spouse function, business session, banquet, registration, etc.  They will also be responsible for coordinating the attendees to the national conference. This Committee will meet three times a year at scheduled executive Committee meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary to produce a successful conference.

Chair:  Vacant

Life Member

Serving the needs of our Active and Retired Life Members.

Lt. Col. (Ret) Karin Killeen (Chair)
[email protected]

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