Why Are Resolutions Important?

NGAMA and NGAGUS are member based organizations and input from our members is instrumental in determining what direction these organizations take in the next year. We rely on your input to tell us what issues are important.

Our duty is to support the National Guard community by lobbying the Massachusetts State Legislature and the United States Congress.

Through face-to-face meeting, letters, emails, and phone calls, we make sure that your representatives understand the important issues facing the National Guard today. In order to aid in this effort, we need you to tell us what issues are important to you.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a legislative idea that a member or state would like NGAMA to work on. If it is a state issue, NGAMA will work with the Massachusetts State Legislature to resolve an issue. If it is a federal issue, NGAMA will work closely with NGAUS to address the issue. As a member-based organization, NGAMA and NGAUS solicits proposed resolutions from its membership aimed at enhancing the National Guard, its equipment, capabilities and the quality of life of its soldiers and airmen and their families.

Resolutions are categorized as being an Army Resolution, an Air Resolution, or as a Joint Resolution., Army and Air resolutions relate to missions or equipment under the purview of the Army and Air National Guard. Joint resolutions relate to issues involving personnel & benefits, medical, and domestic operations.

Information & Preparing a DRAFT Resolution

To find information about resolution preparation access the NGAUS website at www.ngaus.org, click on “ISSUES & ADVOCACY”, click on tab “Resolutions”. On the right side of page there are tabs for “Draft Resolutions SOP”, “Standing Resolutions – Joint, Army, and Air”, and the “Draft Resolution Input Form”.

Resolutions must be submitted to the NGAMA Resolution Co-Chairmen.

NGAMA’s Resolutions Chairmen

NGAMA’s Resolution Chairmen are:

LTC (Ret) Robert J. Swartz, Army; email: brownhonda@verizon.net, Cell; 508-612-2883

Augie Grace, Executive Director, NGAMA agrace1184@aol.com, Cell: 781-799-7299.

Resolutions must be submitted to either POCs NLT 1 March 2018. This deadline allows for the resolutions to be reviewed and processed for adoption at the NGAMA Annual Conference on 10 March 2018. Members may continue to submit resolution to NGAMA POCs NLT 1 June 2018 so they may be reviewed and processed by the NGAMA Executive Committee for submission to the NGAUS Resolutions Staff for adoption at the NGAUS Annual Conference on 24-27 August 2018.

Members of NGAMA should feel free to contact POCs for advice and assistance in preparation of their resolution.