NGAUS offers several programs directed to Company Grade Officers to assist them with their professional development and to better inform them of the importance of the work being done by NGAUS. Several NGAMA members took advantage of the summer NGAUS program and several more will be attending the upcoming Baltimore NGAUS Conference. Still available to Company Grade Officers is the year-long NGAUS Fellows Program.

NGAUS Washington, DC Officer Professional Development Program

Company Grade Officers who represented 52 states and territories were treated to a cookout at the home of the incoming National Guard Bureau Chief, went on tours of the Capitol and Pentagon and received an inside look at how NGAUS lobbies Congress. All of this was part of the first associated-funded officer professional development program that brings officers from each state and territory to the national’s capitol. State Associations selected the participants. Lt Gen. Joseph Lengyel who started as the NGB Chief hosted the group at a cookout and later formally addressed the group. Other speakers included Lt. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, the director of the Army Guard, and Lt. Gen Scott Rice, director of the Air Guard. Congressional staffers also addressed the group. Attending the Washington, D.C. Professional Development weekend in July was 1 LT Angela Cincis from the 211 Military Police Battalion and 1 LT Jazmenly Liriano from the 125th Quartermaster Company. Attending the August session was 1st LT Jason Grimaldi from the 104th FW.

All the NGAMA members thought the weekend was a great experience. 1 LT Cincis said, “”It was an incredible opportunity to be in a room full of company-grade officers and have us be asked by Lt Gen. Lengyel, Lt Gen. Kadavy and Lt Gen. Rice for our feedback.” She added, “The OPD enhanced my appreciation and understanding of the organization, and its importance.”

1 LT Liriano felt the NGAUS OPD was the best experience of her military career. When asked what she valued from the weekend she said, “It was eye opening and gives you an insight on what NGAUS is fighting for to benefit the Soldiers. They spoke of the strategies and the map work of how these ideas are implemented all to ensure that our leaders are prepared and can be successful. I truly am grateful to have had such an opportunity and I couldn’t have been happier to attend such an event. It gives me more of an inspiration and motivation to continue on in my military career.”

The speakers were what impressed 1st LT Grimaldi. He wrote, “Overall, the NGAUS Officer Professional Development weekend was an outstanding event. The event included several great speakers, including the newest NGB Chief and Director for the ANG Lieutenant General Rice. The conference provided NG-wide perspective not normally available to young officers. Also, it was both informative and exciting to see what the other component has to offer (in my case, the ARNG). I feel that many times we spend a great deal of time concentrating on the unit-level worrying about our own mission. It was beneficial to better understand the bigger picture.”

All three NGAMA members said that if the program is offered again next year, they would highly recommend it.

Three CGO’s Attend NGAUS Conference

Three NGAMA members will be attending the upcoming NGAUS Conference on orders as part of the NGAUS Company Grade OPD. They are 1st LT Bonnie Harper, a Public Affairs Officer, Capt. Jason Hickox from the 104th FW, and 2nd LT Allen Magdycz also from the 104th FW. All three will attend OPD classes as well as the NGAUS Business Sessions and the NGAUS social events. They will be part of the 35 member NGAMA delegation that will be attending the Baltimore NGAUS Conference.

NGAUS Taking Applications for Fellows Program

NGAUS is currently taking application for the NGAUS Fellows Program. Application must be received by October 14, 2016. Selected individuals will be notified by November 14, 2016 and those selected will work at NGAUS from January 3, 2017-December 29, 2017. Candidates will be chosen through a competitive process.

The NGAUS Fellows Program is designed to bring Army and Air National Guard Lieutenants, Captains and Warrant Officers (WO1 and/or CW2) to NGAUS for a period of one year. The intent of the program is to develop practical experience in the fundamentals of interaction between the U.S. Congress and the agencies that affect the National Guard in both state and federal missions. The Fellow will be considered an exempt special situation employee of NGAUS with an annual salary of $50,000. For more information on the NGAUS Fellows Program, contact NGAMA Executive Director Augie Grace at 781-799-7299.